Our Theme: Time & Space

Time & Space govern the world and environment in which we live. As society advances, constraints on Time & Space shift and new possibilities can be imagined.
TEDxEastsidePrep is aimed at exposing the educational community to outside ideas and new ways of thinking. It’s about mixing worlds and generating new ideas out of that mental soup. Our audience and speakers consisted of a diverse of group of leaders, stakeholders and entrepreneurs in the worlds of education, business, technology and cognitive science.

This year, we explored the following:

  • What Time & Space constraints in society no longer hold? (in work, in life, in education)
  • What new possibilities emerge as we change our conceptions of Time & Space? (in work, in life, in education)
  • How can the use of Time & Space be reimagined to make the educational experience (in school and outside of school) more engaging and empowering?

Our Speakers