Speaker Profile: Dr. Tae (Talk Below)

Dr. Tae provides some insight in how we might better educate in the future by contrasting his own learning while skateboarding with the reality that is the current education system .

For plenty of information and some of the many ideas of Dr. Tae, check out his website at Drtae.org

About Dr. Tae (from Drtae.org): Dr. Tae is a skateboarder, videographer, scientist, and teacher. He earned his bachelor’s degree in physics from the Georgia Institute of Technology and his Ph.D. in physics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He has held faculty positions at Lake Forest College, DePaul University, and Northwestern University. As a skateboarder, he’s best known for his consistent 360 flips, which admirers have nicknamed “Tae Flips.” He is producing The Physics of Skateboarding with Dr. Tae, a video series which combines his interests in science, skepticism, skateboarding, and education. When the Los Angeles Times needed someone to explain the physics behind Jake Brown’s slam on the MegaRamp at X Games XIII, they called Dr. Tae. His unique expertise also caught the attention of Robomodo, the video game studio where Dr. Tae redesigned the control system for the wireless skateboard peripheral used with Tony Hawk: SHRED.